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Emplaced as the final exhibit atop the Vyomanaut loop, it concludes the astronaut experience storyline . It houses displays related to Mars. A simulated shuttle launch  leads the visitor into a mock-up Martian environment  to work on projects.

The tunnel from the Entrance Plaza descends to the -3m Level to connect to the Astronaut path. The corridor from the tunnel gradually rises up to connect to the interior lobby space of the Heroes Exhibit, the first building in the Vyomanaut loop. From here, the visitor moves into the Gaganyaan display dome. Progressing through the building, they then exit to the Vyomanaut path again, now above the ground, connecting to the Vyomanaut Training Experience Centre ( The VTX). After experiencing the simulated training session at the VTX the visitor now enters the Journey To Mars (JTM) Exhibit . The JTM houses displays related to Mars (satellites, shuttles etc..). The exit leads the visitor directly onto the scientist path. The visitor can now go on to experience the Scientist path, a mirrored loop with a Moon based theme. Both the paths connect to each other to form a continuous loop.

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