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Prasad G.K.S

Prasad GKS is an accomplished Architect, Computational Designer, and 3D Artist, with a deep understanding of procedural modeling techniques and a creative flair for design. Dedicated to advancing the evolution of architecture and design through human-centric solutions and state-of-the-art technology, Prasad excels in crafting detailed and realistic environments, characters, and assets using software such as Houdini and Maya. His expertise extends to hard surface modeling, storytelling, and creating cinematic sequences in Unreal Engine, resulting in captivating and visually stunning outcomes. Prasad advocates for the integration of procedural modeling across diverse fields like metaverse development, interior design, vehicle design, industrial design, animation, and fashion, driven by his passion for human-centric design solutions and his desire to contribute meaningfully to cutting-edge CGI productions in gaming, the metaverse, and the film industry. He completed his B.Arch degree at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, KTR in Chennai, India, where he received multiple scholarships and accolades for his outstanding academic performance.

During his Masters in Computational and Advanced Design at DesignMorphine, Prasad leveraged cutting-edge software to create a successful world called Cnidotopia. Through his innovative use of various software tools, Prasad brought Cnidotopia to life with stunning visuals and immersive experiences. This project showcased his ability to integrate different technologies seamlessly and create impactful digital environments.

Throughout his academic journey, internships in Dubai, and years of professional practice, Prasad has honed his skills in solving intricate design challenges. His work reflects a blend of artistic expression, logical thinking, functional design, and a cinematic approach, showcasing his commitment to innovative and visually compelling concepts. 

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