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The masterplan of this proposal is inspired by ISRO's historical achievements. The Moon and Mars missions are explored to define circulation and nature of the buildings – with each mass  relating to an overarching motif.

The site is located in Sriharikota, an island, in an eco-sensitive zone under military control. A detailed analysis of the site was first done and comparisons to a similar site in Cape Canaveral were drawn. As a result, a thorough live case study was undertaken at Kennedy Space Center, USA. Climatic conditions were studied using analysis plug-ins such as Ladybug, and comparisons were made. The visitor complex had to be an embodiment of the patriotic activities of the Indian scientists. In-depth research was done to understand the important achievements and sentiments of these legends to discern a philosophy.

A vyomanaut is term for the Indian Astronauts set to launch into space by 2022 as part of the gaganyaan mission . The Vyomanaut path starting from the 0m level through the car lifts takes you to a level below the ground (-3m LVL), you are then welcomes to navigated the road towards the heroes path , with fun activities and rest stops along the way . The corridor would provide an exciting feeling of being on a state of the art space navigation ship , with daylight streaming from the sides mimicking the journey in the vessel in space. At the end of the corridor one can either choose to continue with the mission of being an astronaut or come back after visiting the rocket garden and memorial connected to it . They may join along with the visitors who have conquered the scientist path . The Vyomanaut path is segregated into 3 zones .

The visual experience : Heroes & Astronaut Museum , where one would get to learn about the great ones before them through display of artefacts and movies . It is modelled after a spaceship to indicated the entry to the journey and the museum takes after the MOM simulated journey .It connects to the space theater , which represents the moon as per the chandrayaan orbit and is modelled after the binary stars , with the moon theatre as one and the deck/lawn as the other star.

The Intellectual experience : This where one gets to learn the skills required to survive and flourish as a astronaut in space . This consists of the following :

ATX experience : Hands on training of suit mechanics , flight maneuver simulations and mars landing activities .

EVA experience : The visitor gets to experience microgravity with frictionless chairs and trains to repair and operate in zero gravity .

The Physical Experience : This area provides a shuttle launch simulation which leads to the mars base . The mars base is a habitat interior , which is modelled to simulate existence on mars . Each activity is divided from the operations center into 6 domes , that require the visitors to work in unison to achieve their goal . the successful ones would get walk on the simulated mars environment .

One can leave at any point from the building into the interior courtyard or to any side paths .

The scientist path is a mirror of the activities here but with satellites and experiments as the main focus.

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